• Transformation
  • People Capability Enhancement
  • Risk Management

Digital Transformation

According to Forbes, 84% of digital transformation projects fail due to a unidirectional approach to driving such projects and not focusing on all levers of digital transformation. And one of the key reasons for failures is failing to future proof and looking more at short term goals delivery. Our objective at Whitebridge is to ensure our clients do not end up here.

We specialise in doing a thorough discovery exercise covering all nuances and then make a detailed recommendation. We are conscious of the investment clients will be making on digital transformation. We do not believe in one solution fits all and strongly believe in collaborative ways of working.

Where digital transformation is indeed the way forward (not to forget the lessons learnt from the COVID pandemic!), we help build an eco system supporting this journey. Starting with building a digital transformation roadmap until actual implementation, we partner with our clients for a seamless transition.

We specialise in,

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics

Given the ever emerging trend of the digital transformation industry,
we believe we need to constantly evolve in serving our clients too!

Change Management

As the famous saying goes ‘Change is hard, resisting change harder’, our objective is to ensure any organisational change is better managed for our clients. Our team of seasoned project management professionals can help deliver expected outcomes and beyond. Planning until implementation we take complete ownership and stay committed to delivery. Be it traditional Waterfall model or Agile ways of working (Scrum / Devops), we assess and deliver as per the underlying project and client requirements. Our project managers are certified PMP, PRINCE2®, Scrum Masters and constantly stay updated on all emerging practices.

We specialise in,

  • Business Analysis
  • Process capture & documentation
  • Data Analytics
  • Portfolio Management
  • Complex programme delivery management
  • Business change delivery
  • Strategic projects delivery (eg : Key organisational changes, Mergers / Acquisitions)
  • Coaching / Mentoring / Training
  • Command & Control set up
  • Quality management

Process Excellence

We advocate having a strong process driven foundation for organisations to embrace changes seamlessly. We believe in having end to end views of functions and processes to ensure organisations work more jointly and not in silos. Our experiences also suggests not all processes need to jump onto the digital transformation bandwagon. Embarking on a continuous improvement journey can bring about significant positive outcomes for organisations.

Our team of experts with their background on Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen and project management can embed both quality and project management while delivering outcomes. We help to build on operational excellence and continuous improvement framework as part of organisational culture.

People Capability Enhancement

Any development starts with building capabilities of the people. Our offerings in building capabilities are:

  • Traditional in-person training
  • Virtual Training
  • E learning

These trainings interventions are designed for specific functional skills and general domain skills that equip your employees to be more even more effective at work. Our special skills training covers areas like Know your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering Awareness, Trade Based Money Laundering and Operational Risk Management. We also partner with our clients to create custom-trainings.

Beyond the domain skills, we offer Behavioural Skills, Leadership Skills and Executive Coaching.

Operational Risk

End to end capabilities including drawing up the OR Charter, OR policiesand procedures, review of processes/sub-processes, identification and evaluation of gross/inherent risk, assessment of control design, compiling and maintaining risk registers, implementation of OR tools like Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), themed reviews, fraud/incident management etc., periodic conduct of Risk & Control Self- Assessment (RCSA) / Control testing, Residual Risk assessment, publication of OR dashboards and conduct of Operational Risk Management Committee meetings. We also undertake a detailed review of outsourcing policy and vendor on-boarding and review.

Credit Risk

The leadership team has worked in large Banks across retail and Corporate lending functions and can help draw up/review the credit policy and support implementation of the same.

Enterprise Risk Management

Our team at WhiteBridge has the hands-on experience in implementing and managing ERM for MNC Banks in India and abroad. From defining the risk philosophy, creating action plans, communicating priorities, assigning responsibilities continuously monitoring, leveraging technology and using well defined metrics, we have the experience of handling the entire suit in ERM.